Menu Tables

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These tables indicate which item is associated with each bit (0 through 7) of the byte at the specified address.

Rides menu










19885C Wooden coaster standup coaster suspended coaster inverted coaster steel mini mini railroad monorail suspended single rail coaster
19885D boat hire wooden crazy rodent single rail coaster car ride whoa belly bobsled coaster observation tower steel coaster
19885E water slide mine train coaster chairlift steel corkscrew hedge maze spiral slide go karts log flume
19885F river rapids bumper cars swinging ship swinging inverter ship ice-cream stall fries stall drink stall cotton candy stall
198860 burger bar carousel balloon stall info kiosk bathroom Ferris wheel motion simulator 3 D cinema
198861 gravitron space rings reverse whoa belly souvenir stall vertical coaster pizza stall scrambler haunted house
198862 popcorn stall circus show ghost train steel twister coaster wooden twister coaster side friction coaster steel mouse coaster hot dog stall
198863 tentacle stand hat stall candy apple stand virginia reel river ride cycle 'monorail' flying coaster suspended monorail
198864 unused wooden reverser heartline twister mini golf unused roto drop saucer ride crooked house
198865 cycle 'railway' suspended looping water coaster air powered vertical inverted wild mouse jet skis t-shirt stall raft ride
198866 doughnut shop Enterprise Coffee shop Fried chicken Lemonade unused unused unused

Vehicle Menu

bit: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
19887C Steel Roller Coaster Train Steel Roller Coaster Train (facing backwards) Wooden Roller Coaster Train Inverted Coaster Train Suspended Swinging Cars 'Ladybird' Cars Stand-Up Roller Coaster Cars Spinning Cars
19887D Single-Person Swinging Chairs Swan Pedal-Boats Large Monorail Train Canoes Rowing Boats Steam Train Mouse Cars Bumper Boats
19887E Wooden Roller Coaster Train (backwards) 'Rocket' Cars Horses Sportscars Lying-Down Swinging Cars Mine Cars Suspended Swinging Airplane Cars Small Monorail Cars
19887F Water Tricycles Whoa Belly Car Bobsleigh Cars Dinghies Rotating Cabin Mine Train Chairlift Cars Corkscrew Roller Coaster Train
198880 Motorbikes Racing Cars Trucks Go Karts Rapids Boats Log Flume Boats Bumper Cars Swinging Ship
198881 Swinging Inverter Ship Carousel Ferris Wheel Simulator Pod Cinema Building Gravitron Car Space Rings Reverse Whoa Belly Car
198882 Vertical Roller Coaster Cars 'Cat' Cars Scrambled Eggs Arms and Cars Haunted House Building 'Log' Cars Circus Tent Ghost Train Cars Steel Twister Roller Coaster Train
198883 Wood Twister Roller Coaster Train Wooden Side-Friction Cars Vintage Cars Steam Train (Covered Cars) Steel Twister Roller Coaster Train (Stand-up) Floorless Steel Twister Roller Coaster Train Steel Mouse Cars Chairlift Cars (Alternative)
198884 Suspended Monorail Train Helicopter Cars Virginia Reel Tubs Reverser Cars Golfers River Ride Boats Flying Roller Coaster Train Steel Twister Roller Coaster Train (Non-Looping)
198885 Heartline Twister Cars Heartline Twister Cars (Reversed) (reserved) Rotodrop/Freefall Car Flying Saucers Crooked House Building Bicycles Hypercoaster train
198886 4-across inverted coaster train Water coaster boats Face-off cars Jet Skis Raft boats American style steam train Air powered coaster train Suspended Wild Mouse Cars
198887 Enterprise Wheel

Ride Features 1

19889C..1989FF: Ride feature table = 89 structures of 4 bytes for each ride.

bit byte 0 byte 1 byte 2 byte 3
0 normal slope medium radius curves brakes
1 straight flat steep slope inline twist* booster
2 station platform flat-to-steep half loop* on-ride-photo
3 lift chain sloped curves half corkscrew* water splash*
4 steep lift chain steep twist tower base/vertical vertical track
5 curve lift chain S-bends helix (banked) barrel roll*
6 banking small radius curves helix (banked) launched lift hill*
7 vertical loop* small radius banked helix (unbanked) large half loop*

* indicates these items are flagged in TD4 files as they are not always available to user (depending on research)

Ride Features 2

198A9C..198BFF: Ride feature table = 89 structures of 4 bytes for each ride.

bit byte 0 byte 1 byte 2 byte 3
0 ? slope up to vertical
1 log flume reverser top hat/vert down
2 heartline roll/transfer
3 wooden reverser

Scenery Menu

bit: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
199028 tree tree tree tree tree tree tree tree
199029 tree tree tree pointed ornamental round ornamental cone ornamental duck ornamental incense cedar
19902A Lawson cypress Montery cypress Monkey puzzle italian cypress golden Hinoki cypress Arizona cypress Hiba common juniper
19902B Meyer's blue juniper Caucasian fir Cedar of Lebanon Red fir Red fir small European larch Aleppo pine Scot's pine
19902C Montezuma pine Corsican pine black poplar Lombardy poplar white poplar aspen Magnolia weeping willow
19902D Silver birch Voss's Laburnam Cabbage tree Elephant fountain Gator ornamental Squirrel ornamental heart ornamental club ornamental
19902E diamond ornamental spade ornamental Giraffe statue Unicorn statue Canary palm large cactus Palm tree large Palm tree small
19902F small cactus garden (blue/red) Geometric fountain bush shrub bush bush shrub
199030 bush garden (orange/yellow) garden (blue/purple) tall garden (blue/purple) tall garden (orange/yellow) garden (purple) garden (white) garden (blue/white)
199031 garden (blue/pink) garden (pink) tall garden (white) tall garden (blue/white) tall garden (blue/pink) tall garden (pink) Roman Temple Dolphin fountain
199032 horse statue horseman statue Dolphins statue male Roman statue female Roman statue roman column Cupid fountain egyptian statue
199033 Cleopatra's needle ruined statue stone block egyptian column big toadstool toadstool white toadstool candy tree
199034 candy tree candy tree small toadstool small toadstool small toadstool candy Common Yew broken wheel
199035 barrel barrel logs wheels barrel barrel junk bullrushes
199036 martian object martian tube martian tesla martian tower martian walker toyland house pumpkin house Norway spruce
199037 white pawn black pawn white knight black knight white rook black rook white "queen" black "queen"
199038 Walnut Camperdown elm common Oak Honey Locust chinese Cedar white bishop black bishop white "king"
199039 black "king" bone rib cage dead tree dead tree dead tree graveyard monument graveyard statue tall
19903A graveyard statue grave stone grave stone grave stone grave stone stegostaurus triceratops jungle tree
19903B jungle tree jungle bush water fountain fruit tree fruit tree dodecadron jungle tree jungle tree
19903C big flytrap jungle bush triangle prism jungle tree jungle bush jungle bush jungle bush small flytrap
19903D cube garden clock geometric ball hexagonal prism sm garden pink small garden sm garden blue sm garden purple
19903E small garden red small garden yellow small garden mixed snowman igloo caucasian fir snow red fir snow red fir small snow
19903F norway spruce snow castle tower round brown castle tower round grey giant snowflake giant snowflake giant snowflake cannon target
199040 log cabin snow snowball space capsule cauldron swamp goo skull bat statue bat statue
199041 pumpkin jungle flower water lilly space sculpture space sculpture small gong space house asian house
199042 asian house tall asian tree asian tree dog statue asian tree asian tree space building space tree
199043 asian building space flytrap unused unused unused unused unused unused

- 199047

unused unused unused unused unused unused unused unused
199048 unused single lamp triple lamp trash can bench jumping fountains egyptian lamp martian lamp
199049 unused unused unused unused unused unused jumping snowballs unused
19904A - 199067 unused unused unused unused unused unused unused unused
199068 mesh fence mesh gate roman wall egyptian wall hedge hedge gate blue cards red cards
199069 white rail fence white rail gate martial wall glass wall wooden fence wooden gate short post fence short red post fence
19906A barb fence barb gate medium post tall post railing railing gate leaded glass bone fence
19906B brick wall brick gate white wood fence red wood fence stone wall stone gate wooden fence (medieval) jungle fence
19906C conifer conifer gate castle wall short brown castle wall short grey roman wall castle wall tall brown castle wall cross  brown castle wall gate brown
19906D castle wall window brown castle wall medium brown castle wall tall grey castle wall cross grey castle wall gate grey castle wall window grey castle wall medium grey creepy wall
19906E creepy wall gate barb fence snow wood fence snow post fence snow unused unused unused unused
19906F - 199087 unused unused unused unused unused unused unused unused
199088 coliseum terraced house sphinx house colonade mine hut mine hut volcanoe
199089 pyramid mine shaft martian building skeleton T-rex green dinosaur brontosaur ice palace
19908A castle tower square brown castle tower tall brown castle tower square grey castle tower tall grey tent medieval house medieval house medieval house
19908B giant pumpkin space rocket town hall urban house gas station pagoda office block urban house
19908C satellite space capsule tenement unused unused unused unused unused
19908D - 1990A7